Latex agglutination Cards

test cards for LATEX agglutination and coagulation tests

Immuno-Cell is the leading manufacturer of test cards for use in Diagnostic Test Kits. We are the only manufacturer
of cards with such an extended range of possibilities.
We make the cards for most of the manufacturers of test kits all over the world.
We have a long experience and we know exactly how to come up to your expectations.
The test card is a crucial part of your test kit. Since the test card is the working field on which the liquids are
spread, the quality of the card is responsable for the visibility of the test.
In general the main property of a test card is to have a working field on which the liquids can be spread

Immuno-Cell has the know-how for several decades and is your perfect partner for the cards in your test kits.
We offer a wide range of different materials and we print with different printing processes.

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Our complete product line:

Diagnostic Slides (IFA)
Teflon printed diagnostic slides for use in
immunofluorescence test kits

Test cards for Latex and RPR
Cards for Latex Agglutination and Coagulation tests
and RPR tests (also pre-packed following customer specifications).

Latex glass slides
Reusable glass slides for Latex tests.

Small plastic pipettes with specific drop size for use
in test kits (also pre-packed following customer specifications).

Microscopic slides and cover slips "MGF-slides"
Slides for general use in microbiology, histology,...

Sample Bottles and Dropper Bottles
for use in Diagnostic test kit

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