Dropper Bottles Suppliers

Immuno-Cell is manufacturer of Dropper Bottles (made of LDPE) for use in Diagnostic Test Kits. The standard dorp size is 40 ul.

The bottles are available in Natural color and White color

The screw caps are available in several colors.

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Our complete product line:

Diagnostic Slides (IFA)
Teflon printed diagnostic slides for use in
immunofluorescence test kits

Test cards for Latex and RPR
Cards for Latex Agglutination and Coagulation tests
and RPR tests (also pre-packed following customer specifications).

Latex glass slides
Reusable glass slides for Latex tests.

Small plastic pipettes with specific drop size for use
in test kits (also pre-packed following customer specifications).

Microscopic slides and cover slips "MGF-slides"
Slides for general use in microbiology, histology,...

Sample Bottles and Dropper Bottles
for use in Diagnostic test kit

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