Test Cards
for Latex and RPR tests

Immuno-Cell is the leading manufacturer of test cards for use in Diagnostic Test Kits. We are the only manufacturer
of cards with such an extended range of possibilities.
We make the cards for most of the manufacturers of test kits all over the world.
We have a long experience and we know exactly how to come up to your expectations.
The test card is a crucial part of your test kit. Since the test card is the working field on which the liquids are
spread, the quality of the card is responsable for the visibility of the test.
In general the main property of a test card is to have a working field on which the liquids can be spread

Immuno-Cell has the know-how for several decades and is your perfect partner for the cards in your test kits.
We offer a wide range of different materials and we print with different printing processes.
In the first place we distinguish 2 main different types of cards.

We distinguish 2 main types of test cards :

1) cards with "printed circles"
On this type of card the test is done
on the "card surface" itself.
The card surface has perfect spreading properties.

2) cards with "printed fields"
On this type of card the test is done on the "printed field"
These cards have a hydrophobic surface which
makes a "no cross-contamination" border
between the wells.
The printed fields (on which the test is done)have perfect spreading properties.

Different materials for the card surface

1) Laminated cardboard
For these cards we use a cardboard card (400gr/m2) which we laminate with a foil.
We have different types of foil to satisfy your expectations.
In order to obtain rigid straight cards we use the same
foil on both sides of the card.

a) Cards with a mat surface
· Laminated with mat Acetat foil, white
· Laminated with mat Acetat foil, black

b) Cards with a shiny surface
· Laminated with shiny treated Polyester foil, white
· Laminated with shiny treated Polyester foil, black

These cards have a surface with perfect spreading properties.
These 4 types of surface are ideal for Latex Agglutination and
Coagulation tests, but these with a mat surface are the most popular.
Cards for RPR tests (embossed and not embossed) are mostly made on white mat Acetat foil.
The cards with a black surface are printed with screen printing (on top of the foil).
The cards with a white surface can be printed by screen printing (on top of the foil) but also by offset printin (under the foil).


2) Mat PVC card
For these cards we use a mat PVC card of 400µ thickness.
Depending of the color of Latex that you use we offer a white
and a black surface.
· Mat PVC, white
· Mat PVC, black

This material has a surface with good spreading properties.
These cards are used for Latex and RPR tests.
The circles are printed by screen printing.


3) Shiny PVC card
For these cards we use a shiny PVC, thickness 400µ.
These cards with hydrophobic surface are printed with mat
fields on which the test is done.
· Shiny PVC, white (other colors on request, but not popular)
· The printed fields are black or white (with a colored circle
This material is hydrophobic and is used for Latex cards with "printed fields"
with perfect spreading properties.
For the printing of these fields we use an "in-house" mixed paint.
The printing is done by screen printing.


4) Cards with embossed fields
For these cards we use the cardboard cards laminated
with a white mat Acetat foil and we embos the surface
inside the printed ring.
Embossed cards are mainly used as RPR cards and
"bed-side" test cards.


5) Cards with a coating
For these cards we use a cardboard card on which we put a
coating. We can make these cards with different color surface,
but the most popular have a white or black surface.
This type of card with coated surface is not suitable for Latex
or RPR tests but is used as "Dry-Dot" card.


6) Filter paper cards
For these cards we use special "blood-spotting" filter
paper of Schleicher & Schull". The printed circles can be
pre-cut with a dotted circle for easy removing a part of
the test card. This type of cards is used for "blood spotti


7) Cards with dotted "tear-off" lines
We can make all types of cards with dotted "tear-off" lines for
breaking the card into smaller parts.
For these cards we use the cardboard cards with a laminated
foil, the coated cards, and filter paper cards


Different printing processes
· The printed design is made exactly following your specifications.
· Most of the cards that we make are customized with a company logo and/or with the name of the test.
· The printing can be done in 1 color (color of your choise) or multiple color.
· Depending on the type of the card we print with one of following printing processes :
Conventional screen printing
UV screen printing
Offset printing


· Without specification of our customer we pack the cards per 100 with an elastic band. These packs have
on the bottom a grey protection cardboard card and on top a transparant protection PVC card. This kind of
packaging we call the "Bulk pack".
· But for most of our customers we "pre-count" or "pre-pack" the cards following their specifications.

a) "Pre-count" cards :
in this case the cards are supplied in packs
with a grey separation card dividing the
individual pre-counted packs.


b) "Pre-packed" cards :
in this case we pack the counted cards in
a sealed plastic bag (Flow-pack).
Delivered as pre-packed cards it is for the
manufacturer of test kits very easy to
prepare the test kits.


· It is very important that the quantity of pre-counted and pre-packed
cards is always correct in each individual pack without exception. For this
reason we do a double counting (one manual counting with a confirmation
on a counting balance) before we cut the sheets into cards.

Standard and OEM cards
· As you can imagine most of the cards that we make are custom-made following the requirements of our
· However we have 6 standard cards available from stock

Custom-made cards (some examples)
For a production (or quotation) for custom-made cards we need following information:
· Material of the card (on your request we send samples of the different materials)
· Color of the surface of the card
· Printed design
· Print color (only one or several colors)
· Card size
· Packaging : bulk or pre-count or pre-packed (how many per pack?)
· Quantity per production : for custom-made cards we
require in general a minimum order of 20 - 50.000 cards
(depending of the type of the card)